About Us

As women, we sometimes have experiences that dull our sparkle. Be it having children, over-working, or just living our daily lives--we all have our moments when we feel "meh." This too was my story.

As a wife, mother of 3 and a Boss, I was stretched super thin. I felt like I had lost my sparkle, but I wanted to feel as good as I used to--even in a t-shirt and sweats. So I asked myself, what would I need to see or hear to make me feel good in this very outfit? I heard things like, "You are lovely," "You are gorgeous," "You are absolutely breathtaking," and in that moment the brand was born. You see, I knew that women everywhere wanted the same thing that I did....to feel good, even in a t-shirt and sweats. 

So there you have it. This brand is for you. Now go look in the mirror and say, "Yaaaaas!" because you look amazing!



Authentically Her